1.) One always thinks that the frosting will be the fun part.  One is always, always wrong.

2.) The amount of food coloring it takes to make white frosting a bright, vibrant, Lego-like color is enough to make one uncomfortable about dyes and Red #5 and . . . you know what?  Pastel Lego cakes are just fine.  One will have to explain to everyone that they’re supposed to be Legos anyway.

3.) The crappy/delicious cream cheese frosting that comes from a plastic can is surely what Mrs. Doubtfire’s face must have tasted like.

4.) When the Betty Crocker YouTube ladies say that one will need a “crumb coat,” they are not fooling around.

5.) A “crumb coat” is a layer of frosting that goes on first and looks terrible so that one can catch all the crumbs in the frosting before cooling the cake and putting on another layer.  The second coat looks only slightly less terrible than the first coat.

6.) One may need to remind one’s self that their child loves them.  Their child loves cake. Their child also loves Legos.  A cake that one makes to look vaguely like a Lego will probably be greatly appreciated by one’s child.

7.) Probably.

8.) One genuinely used to love frosting.