I have a feisty and tricky lover, and her name is caffeine. Lucy has not been sleeping well. She wakes up roughly about fifty bajillion times a night wanting to nuuuuuurrrrrrrssssseeeee allllll niiiiiggghhhht, and I don’t know why. One obvious suspect might be my beloved, peppy mistress, so I’ve been trying to lay off. This is always an unpleasant process. If I want more sleep, I need to (possibly, allegedly, we’ll see) lay off the caffeine. If I want to be able to make it through the day without falling asleep with my face in a pile of Legos, I need a little afternoon delight, you know what I’m saying?

(And the award for being able to turn a cup of coffee into something wildly inappropriate goes to . . . this lady.)

Anyway, we’ll see. I’m hoping that it’s just a weird sleeping phase (as it almost always is) and I’ll be able to go back to having three cups of coffee a day.
Note: Hi Mom, stop worrying about me; I’m fine, for reals. Love you. 🙂

It’s like swimming lessons all over again.
Remember having to tread water in swimming lessons? Let me just tell you right now, that IHATED HATED HATED swimming lessons. The part that I didn’t mind, until right up to the end however, was treading water. You still got to talk to your friends, and no one was forcing you to dive off of the board. Well, that’s what we’re doing right now, and we’re right up to the end. We’ve got about two more weeks till Christmas break, and I don’t think I’ve ever been more ready. Can we finish it out? Well, yeah. Is it going to be a big, fun, rest-filled, creativity-laden dance party? Meh.

Is walking and waving and climbing stairs and about to turn 1. I’m very tired. And proud. Proud, too. Also tired.

This shouldn’t be important enough information to make the update post, but that’s how much I’ve been thinking about this. Ever since I had Lucy I’ve been obsessed with coconuts. Trader Joe’s has coconut cashews, roasted coconut flakes, and coconut cranberry granola. I love them all. If you have any totally awesome coconut suggestions (other than packaged coconut water blleeeccchhhhuuuurrrggghhhhh grossssss), for goodness’ sake, please let me know!
Annnnd, that’s all for my “OMG guys, I’m soooo in love with this product right now,” segment.

Too cool for school. NOT.
When we first started hanging out with our current group of friends, one topic of conversation that terrified me was Preschool. I didn’t even want to think about it. Money, separation anxiety, quality . . . guhhh. I didn’t want to touch it with a 10 foot pole.
I am totally singing a different tune right now. We found a wonderful little preschool in our area, and we all love it. Charlie’s doing really well, minus a few too-much-energy-related issues, and I’m really, really appreciating the two hours, twice a week of work/Lucy time. I don’t feel like he’s gone too much, but I love that someone who is trained in the terrifying art of multiple-small-child-teaching is actively engaging my kid while I get to chill out and get things done.

Oh, and also.

I just ran my single brewer coffee pot . . . and put the coffee cup next to the brewing tray, rather than on it. I then proceeded to not notice the entire cup of coffee that was brewing sans mug less than two feet away from me. Sweet.

How about you guys? Anybody else treading water? Let’s compare swimsuits.