Guys, we had a baby.

Her name is Lucille, and she’s got the longest, tiniest, perfect fingers. She’s still a little bit yellow, and none of her hats stay on her. She’s got that baby smell that makes my heart get all squeezy because she smells exactly like Charlie did when he was just a baby. She makes all of the gurgly pterodactyl noises expected of a baby.

Dainty gurgly pterodactyl noises, of course.

She actually sleeps really well, but only if someone is holding her. Not the most comfortable or convenient for us, but what a way to spend your first few weeks of life, right? Almost constantly snuggled by the people who love you most? I’d say that’s okay with me.

Lucy was born on some pretty important people’s birthdays. Not only does she share her birthday with a spunky great aunt, but she also shares it with one of my favorite people to have ever walked the Earth: my Grandpa Blessing. I haven’t blogged about him yet, because I know it will be hard, but I think this is a sign that it’s about time.

And last but not least, she joined us on the same day as five baby lion cubs at the Henry Doorly Zoo. How cool is that?

She’s just now starting to get girl-clothes from friends and family, so she’s mostly been seen in greens and yellows, but it doesn’t make it any less obvious that she’s a girl… at least to me anyway. In truth, I’ve gotten a lot of people saying, “A boy, right?” That’s okay, though. These things happen.

You guys, a girl. We had a girl! I still can’t wrap my mind around it. When they let Paul announce the gender, I could barely believe my ears. If/when we have more kids, we will definitely be keeping the gender from ourselves again. I don’t think I’ve experienced a more awesome surprise in my life. It was like watching an old movie or something, back in the day when no one knew what they were going to get. I loved it.

Needless to say, our world’s been turned upside down. There’s plenty of stress and new feelings and terrifying hormonal-tear-explosions that go with that, but for this post all you guys really need to know is that Lucy is here, and she simply couldn’t be more perfect.