Have you ever had someone rub your face?

No, I’m serious. I’ve had two facials in my life, and both of them were the most relaxingexperiences. Dare I say, even more relaxing than a full-body massage?

I recently had the pleasure of getting a facial from Bri Nejad atThe Unique Skincare Boutique, and I just can’t keep my mouth (or fingers, I should say) quiet about it.

It’s one thing to go to a salon for your pampering, but visiting Bri’s boutique isn’t your normal salon experience. When you walk into the Unique Skincare Boutique, you can simply tell from the second you step in that you’re visiting a labor of love. You see, the boutique is an in-home business, and Bri has done a fantastic job of helping you feel at home without feeling awkward about actually being at someone’s home. The entrance is separate from the rest of the (gorgeous) house, and greets you with a quaint little waiting room complete with cookies and cucumber water.

Bri offers a bunch of facials, and I chose to go with the Glacial Facial. I had just finished all the seasons of Northern Exposure, and was feeling a little bit like all of my Alaskan friends had left me sad and alone, so this was perfect. Bri herself has actually lived most of her life in Alaska, and she has created a facial meant to take you on a mini-vacation to the Land of the Midnight Sun. All of the products smelled and felt wonderful, and Bri simply has magic hands. The environment is serene, and the music she has chosen is peppered with the sound of Alaskan wildlife, and (if you’ll allow me to totally geek out here) sounds like the music from Build Mode in the original Sims game. If you’ve played this, you will understand that it is the most relaxing music ever. Also, I frolicked happily home with a package of homemade “Alaskan Bark,” complete with chocolate, dried cranberries, and dried blueberries. Getting a facial and walking out of it with chocolate in hand? That’s a win all around.

One of the most awesome things about Bri, however, is that this lady is knowledgeable.It’s nice to be relaxed, sure, but it’s even more relaxing to know that the person massaging your face knows and cares about the products she’s using. Bri’s been in the skincare business since 2006, and her knowledge is totally apparent. I asked her what it is about skincare that she loves so much:

Bri: It was a huge struggle to find my “career path”, but when I found skincare, it was true love. It’s my ideal career. I help people feel beautiful and I get to be creative, educated, and professional while still finding joy when I work. I leave work truly happy.
Skincare is based in culture, tradition, science, communication and the healing power of touch. All things I love. IMO, it’s the best job on earth.

The other thing she’s got plenty of? Passion.

Bri: So often is this profession flooded with people who are just looking for a “job” and often right out of high school. They burn out quickly, realizing the complexity and maturity of what it takes to do well as a skin therapist. I feel this is where I excel- I love to learn and grow. But I also really love the intrinsic value of helping others.
And I get to be a full time mom- something that can’t mean any more to me than it does. Best gift on earth for both him and I.

Finally, I asked Bri which of her custom-created facials is her favorite:

Bri: I love them all!! I created them all myself based on all my experience over the last 7 years with thousands of clients. I finally get to do the facials I’ve always wanted.
But if I have to pick I would choose the Alaska Glacial facial (second runner up the seasons facials- spring and summer particularly). I love the products, the result, and the fact that it’s a full sensory experience. A unique facial you could honestly not find anywhere else. (I dare you!)

Bri also offers pretty much anything to meet your waxing needs… It may not feel like it right now, but I swear summer is coming, and we all know how important it is for your eyebrows to look good when you’re wearing a swimsuit!

Basically, Bri and her business are awesome, and booking an appointment with her is something you’ll ending up thanking yourself for. The product line she uses is all-natural, and she’s offering a special $10 off your first facial. Check out her website to see what she offers, as well as a cheerfully informative blog to keep you updated on her business and the business of skincare in general. And don’t forget to like her page on Facebook to get in on special deals and giveaways!

Nothing makes me happier than finding a local business with an owner who’s genuinely in love with what they do, and finding one run by a stay at home mom makes this Local Awesome even closer to my heart.

Now, go forth and book a facial!