As most of you might know, we moved to Omaha about a month ago. It’s a little overwhelming, but I think once I get the hang of driving here, I’m going to be pretty pumped about all of the things Omaha has to offer. There are more restaurants, stores, bars, and parks than I know what to do with. There’s one thing, however, that will have me driving back to Lincoln every time.

A haircut.

I’m not one who has a history of being loyal to a salon. I’m never too concerned about getting the same stylist every time, and as long as I’m not crying when I leave, I’m pretty happy. So what salon could possibly have me driving an hour out of my way? That’s easy.  Salon Muse.

Here’s the thing with salons and me. I hate walking in, looking around, and feeling like a total hair-idiot. You know what I’m talking about, right? The, “Oh, here’s my four o’clock, looking like a possum decided to die on her head. Sweeeeeeet.” look. I hate that look. Then there’s the, “What could I possibly talk to this hair-noob about? I’ll just ask about her bratty kids, I guess.” small talk. I hate that, too. It all makes me feel the way I did when I peed my pants in front of the class in 3rd grade. A total idiot.

Here’s the thing with Salon Muse and me. I walk in, get greeted like a favorite cousin, sit down, get a rockin’ haircut, and have an actual, interesting conversation with the girl cutting my hair. That, to me, is worth its weight in gravy. Gravy is much more important to me than gold.

I got to sit down (well, continue sitting down, as I had foils in my hair) with Angela Kazas (she’s on the left in the yellow), the owner, to ask her my usual questions.

What do you love about what you do?
You’re always making someone feel good about themselves, and keeping up with the latest trends. It’s kind of one of the simple pleasures of making someone feel good about themselves without having to do (in your mind) too much.

What makes Lincoln the perfect place for Salon Muse?
Clients are very loyal here. We’re a family-friendly business, and people in Lincoln are friendly, so they appreciate that.

Do you have anything coming up that you’re excited about?
We’re constantly going to shows that keep us up to speed. We’ve got a show in Omaha coming up about keratin treatments…it’s a way to straighten hair without using chemicals.

In case you were wondering, Angela’s spectacular. But don’t just take my word for it…I’ve got pictures.

This is me (and the possum, but nobody said anything).

This is me after Angela cut my hair (she got rid of the possum and humanely released it back into the wild).

This is me (sorry for the super-crappy picture quality) after she put in some fabulous auburn low-lights. I used to dye my hair every other week in college. After about 2 years of NODYE AT ALL, I was a little scared…can you believe that? Lauren (formerly Blessing) Bonk, afraid of hair dye!?

Here’s a close-up of said low-lights.

Something you should know: Angela is awesome. But, she’s got other girls working there who are equally as awesome. I’ve had my hair cut by these fine ladies, as well, and left the place practically whistling (whistling…think about gravy…either way I was happy).

Why is this? Because one of the main priorities at Salon Muse is quality. Angela puts a lot of thought into the people she hires, the products she uses, and the environment in which she works. The place is always clean and the stylists are expected to be friendly and welcoming. This all can be traced back to how she was raised in both business and family. (And speaking of family, have you met her brothers?)

I’m telling you, friends, this is the place to take your mane. Not convinced? You should just give it a try. In fact, if you mention this blog post, Angela’s offering %25 off your first service with Jessie or Ashley…pretty sweet, right?

If you go, please take pictures and share them with me! That would make my day!