Oh, hey, remember that time I made a big ole hullaballoo about my fantastic pictures?

Oh yeah, and then I kind of went off the map for a week?

Yeah…Well, better late than never, right?

Now, as much as we all love self-taken photos that have been edited on Picnik (in order to pretend that my camera/skills aren’t terrible), I thought it was time to throw a little Pro in the mix.

Sometimes, choosing a professional can be a tough job. For this situation, however, Rutheah from Blue House Fotos was a…what do you call it?

Oh, yeah. NO BRAINER.

Rutheah is fabulous. She’s based out of Kearney, NE, where she resides with her husband, adorable munchkins, and munchkin-to-be. Rutheah specializes in on-location, natural-light photography. And she is skilled. She should also be honored to be my very first non-food related Local Awesome. That’s how much I recommend this lady.

So, in typical Local Awesome style, I asked her some questions. Warning: She’s allergic to capital letters, and in this particular instance, I find it adorable. I hope you’ll forgive me if I just scatter the fabulous pictures willy-nilly throughout this post. Cuz’ that’s what’s going to happen.

Me: So, Rutheah, how long have you been interested in photography?
Ru: loved photography since my early teens. my father is an avid photographer and used to take my sister and i to the dark room and taught us how to develop photos the old fashioned way. i remember one summer in particular, when dad let my sister and i take his fancy cameras and shoot whatever we wanted. then we got to process the photos ourselves. it was such an experience. that was when my interest was sparked.

Me: I know that you attended a workshop this summer, to help fine-tune your skillz. How was that?
Ru: the workshop i went to was awesome! its intention was to teach people with dslrcameras exactly how to shoot in manual. it was with a photographer and mommy blogger i highly respect. i learned how to use my camera better; with all those fancy buttons, now i know exactly which ones to use. it’s nice to have full control over my camera and to be able to use it as a tool.

Me: What is it that you love so much about taking photos?
Ru: i love everything. i love the sound the shutter makes. i love capturing little moments that would otherwise vanish if they weren’t photographed. i love photography because it makes me see things from new perspectives. i will always be learning new things and growing in my “style” which is neato. and most of all i love that i can do something that brings joy to others.

With as many pictures as I’m posting, I don’t think I should type much more. Since the photos totally speak for themselves, I’ve got no problem shutting up.

However, I have to say this: Run. Run screaming with glee to Blue House Fotos’ webpage.It’s the whole package: Website, Blog, and Facebook page. Trust me on this one. If you live in Central Nebraska and need some beautiful pictures taken, Blue House Fotos will be the best decision you’ve made in a long time.