I wrote this 2 nights ago and finally got it up, in case you were wondering why I keep saying “tonight” when it’s probably noon or something…

I’ve come to the decision that anyone who has a bad day should go find a sleeping toddler.

And by that I mean they should find some friends who have a toddler, get their permission, and snuggle up next to the sleeping tiny person. Or, better yet, they should offer to babysit so the parents can go on a late-night date, and thensnuggle the sleeping tiny person. (Again with the snuggling permission.)

What I’m trying to say is that I just spent about 30 minutes snuggled up next to my little toddler, and after a fairly crappy, crappy night, I was able to just calm myself the frick down and realize that everything is okay. . . or at least it will be.

It’s pretty obvious that I haven’t written a blog post in a while, and that’s because this summer has been pretty hellacious. I’m sure I’ll blog about it eventually, but these past few months have left me in a generally bad mood, despite the fact that we’ve got some really exciting things to be happy about.

Nobody wants to read post after post of someone’s perpetual bad mood.

But tonight I’ve been snuggling my toddler and smelling his hair, and listening to his breathing change while he falls asleep. I’m pretty lucky.

Arguments can be fixed. Situations are not going to suck forever. Eventually we will have all the things we need and want.

But for right now, we have this curious little ball of fire who gives sweet, tiny kisses, and has just started saying “I love you.”

Sure, the kisses may come after you get a flailing elbow to the throat, but they’re some of the best kisses ever, and it’s high time I start appreciating them more.