We’ve been living under Quarantine over here.

At first, holy crap a month ago,Lucy got a cold. Said cold then turned into sinus infection. Sinus infection went away with antibiotics, and then Charlie got a super-high fever and stomach bug. Two days of not being sick later, and Charlie and Lucy both get a cold. I then get a cold. Lucy then barfs all over me and decides a trip to the ER would be just the ticket.

Also, our computer was in the shop for two weeks. (She’s back now, yaaaaaay!)

I could definitely complain for about four more pages, but I think I’d rather show you guys some pictures of what we’ve been doing while in quarantine. I have a hard time keeping Charlie occupied as it is, and we used to be having playdates a couple times a week. Now, of course, we’re all going stir-crazy, but I think I’ve done an okay job of coming up with fun stuff to do.

Indoor snow, food coloring, water, bottles, and cups.

Shaving cream, food coloring, splattering, and a little bit of cleaning up.

Portable disc golf basket, and a tarp to protect the window.

Sink play with yet even more food coloring, bottles, cups, and a ladle.

Cloud dough. This didn’t look nearly as messy on Pinterest.

Shapes bowling with some marbles found in the creepy storage space upstairs.

All in all, Quarantine hasn’t been quite as bad as I thought it would be, but I’m here to tell you, Charlie and I miss our friends. Next week (providing we’re all healthy), I’m going to do my best not to look too desperate when I show up on my friends’ doorsteps.