There is something I think about all summer long.

The second we get the first 80 degree day in the spring, I start thinking about it. I long for it. I’m even resentful toward iced coffee for a while.

I know it’s trendy to love Fall right now . . . but dudes, I love Fall.

I CAN’T WAIT to go pick out pumpkins with Charlie and Paul and Lucy, and I think we’re going to decorate the house for Halloween today. I love cardigans and jeans and warm beverages and all of the corresponding Fall things that everyone else loves.


This happens every time Fall starts knocking on our door . . . I start to feel just a little bit uneasy. It’s hard to put my finger on it, but I go a few weeks feeling off. There’s a chill in the air, but it’s not quite the chill you’re waiting for, so it’s more of a reminder that Summer’s leaving rather than a welcome mat for Fall. As much as I don’t like Summer, I just generally don’t like it when things end. Everything around is changing . . . schedules, menus, attitudes. There’s a lot of upheaval going on for everyone and the hippie blood in me can feel it. I start to worry about the littlest things. I turn the littlest things into things like unemployment, cancer, and zombie apocalypse.

I get a little “woe is me” for a while and then something finally happens. Something like having friends over for coffee or watching Charlie giggle about an acorn falling on his head, or putting my book down to put on a sweater. At some point, the timing clicks and I realize that Fall is actually here, and everything is actually okay.

I’m not quite there yet. It’s probably the fact that there’s still an 88-degree day this week sneering at me from the week’s forecast. That day’s kind of an ass.

It’ll get there, though. Soon the air will be decidedly crisp and Charlie will have to start wearing his blue monkey hat every time we leave the house, and I’ll get to see new long-sleeved shirts on Lucy that I haven’t gotten to see yet. I just need to busy my brain.

Do you guys have any awesome Fall projects for me? Something to tell my brain to stop yapping so mindlessly and actually do something positive and productive?