So, shortly after I post about co-sleeping, the Bonk family goes and buys a toddler mattress.

We’re going to take this slowly and see how it goes. We’ve got the mattress on our bedroom floor, next to our king size, and we’re going to just keep it there till Charlie starts sleeping on it through the night.

It’s not like Paul and I are jumping up and down with excitement to get Charlie out of our bed…but it’s starting to feel like it’s time. If Charlie goes to sleep at 9:30, and we crawl into bed at 11:00, I can tell we’re disrupting his sleep a little bit. He doesn’t usually wake up or anything, but I know we’ve disturbed him.

I’ve got some pretty mixed feelings on this whole situation. Do you know what it’s like to only have two people sleeping in a king size bed? It’s like swimming in a glorious sea of cotton, close enough to the love of your life that you can touch him if you want, but being able to float there, spread-eagled, all night long. Pretty awesome.

But then there’s my poor little heart. If Charlie starts sleeping in his own bed…then that surely must mean he’s growing up…but that’s not supposed to happen, right? He’s supposed to stay little enough to fit on my lap forever…right? He’s always supposed to give me kisses after he gets in trouble, and dance around me in circles when he hears music he likes…


Ugh, anyway, Charlie actually made it to 5 am before he rolled off his bed and woke up. That’s a pretty big deal. The nights before that he only made it to about 2 or 3. This might happen more quickly than I thought.

Then again, it might not. Either way I’m going to try to go with the flow.

I know I’ve got mom-friends out there… Do you guys have big-kid bed stories for me?