Have you ever been on the brink of a huge life-change? I mean, like, a complete and total life-180?

Holy crap.

Things are about to get seriously different for the Bonk family.

Let me give you a little run-down of how life has been for the past year or so.

I’ve been staying home with Charlie, and in November I began working from home. One of my main sources of ‘frazzle’ has been trying to balance work, baby, and cleaning. Something always suffers. If I have a super-productive day, get a couple blog posts written in advance, and get in some good quality play-time with Charlie, the house looks like a hurricane went through it. If the house is clean, I’m usually about 2 blog posts behind, and Charlie’s watched a decent amount of Curious George.

Sometimes I feel like I’m losing my mind.

HOWEVER. Do I love hanging out with Charlie? Duh. Do I love blogging? Of course. Do I love cleaning? Not so much…but with the right music and a happy little dude, sometimes cleaning can be fun.

Now Paul. Paul has been working for a student-loan company for a year. Is that what his college degree is in? Nope. Did he love his job…at all? Nope. Did he feel fulfilled and challenged? Nope, nope, nope.

Well, friends, we’ve got a newsflash. Paul got accepted to Graduate School. Now, I don’t know if you read last week’s guest post, but choosing to go back to school can come with a lot of stress… In our case, we’ve got to get all moved by August 8th, take a serious look at re-defining our budget, and find someone to pick up the lease on our current apartment.

On a side note, if you know of someone in the Lincoln area who needs a 1 bedroom apartment with low rent and close proximity to coffee, ice cream, and donuts, send me an email.

What all of this means is that our lives are going to change. Drastically. Paul will not only be going to school, but will also start teaching college-level Algebra classes.

That’s right, I’m married to a totally handsome Graduate Teaching Assistant in the Mathematics Department. Oh, yeah.

Our schedule is going to be completely different. I’m hoping I’ll get more time to focus on my business (before all you grad students out there start assaulting me with “Oh, you have NO IDEA how busy Paul’s going to be,” I’m just saying that his schedule’s going to be slightly more flexible than a straight-up 8-5.) and maybe make some more money for the family. To be completely honest, though, I’ve got no idea what our lives are going to be like in a mere matter of weeks. That’s a pretty frazzly thing for me to think about.

You know what’s not frazzly, though? Knowing my husband is going to feel challenged, fulfilled, and happy with what he’s doing every day. That’s the big pay-off.

So, no, I don’t have a Monday Guest Post…and I’ve got, literally, 3 Local Awesomes waiting to be posted, and a bunch of fabulous pictures to show off. I hope you guys will bear with me these next couple of weeks, as things are going to be pretty hectic.

Hugs, prayers, and high-fives will be greatly appreciated.

Oh, and chocolate. Chocolate is always good.

P.S. It’s my dad’s birthday. You should sing to him. Happy Birthday, Daddio!