I’ve been having a blast blogging these past few months. It’s really been exciting, taking what I’m thinking about and slapping it onto the internet for the world to read. Now, one of the main reasons I started this blog is to wake up the creative juices that have been laying dormant in my brain for so many months. I think I’ve woken them up enough to start working a little more diligently on the other reason I started this blog:


That’s right, on top of being a blogger, I am a business owner, and I think I’ve had enough start-up time to start being able to focus a little harder on getting this business really rolling. This means a few things. It means I need to start sticking to my To Do Lists a little better, as they’re going to be getting longer. It also means that I need to start including prospective clients in our fun little blogging adventure. I say “our adventure” simply because this blog would be worthless if there weren’t people out there who wanted to read it.

So, rather than springing a, ‘Blah blah blah, I’m talking about blogging and business and social media’ post on you, I’m going to find a fun way to include everyone. I’m, of course, always open to ideas, but I think I’ve got a fun one here that I’d like to try.

One of the big questions a business-person is sure to ask themselves is, “What does this crazy lady have to offer? What can she do to benefit me?”

The answer, of course, would be, “Lots of things.” Specifically, however, and what I’d like to focus on in this particular instance, is Ghost-blogging.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this term, it’s basically when I stealthily take over the writing responsibilities of a company’s blog, making them and their business look totally awesome by giving them all the credit for it. (Money to buy chocolate and cloth diapers is credit enough for me. Go ahead, call me a sell-out, because I’m totally cool with it.)

What I’m going to start doing is cranking out some imaginary business blogs. I’ll use these posts to display my writing abilities as well as entertain you guys, my smart and attractive, already faithful readers.

This is where you all come in: I need business suggestions. I don’t care what business it is—okay let me rephrase that—I don’t care what non-pornographic, for the most part socially-appropriate business it is. It can be a made-up profession, it can be your dad’s profession, whatever. You guys start giving me suggestions and I’ll get to work. I may be contacting you for research, however, as that is a huge part of the Ghost-blogging process. Thanks in advance, friends!