Hey, friends! So, it kind of hurts my brain to say this, but I’m working on a mild site revamp. I’m going to be adding some new pictures, writing some new material, and generally just making things better. Now, I don’t know if you guys have noticed this, but there is a serious lack of testosterone around here. I’m sure the men out there who read this would appreciate some material from their side of the fence.
On that note, I’d like you to meet Paul (not my Paul; this is a different Paul) N. He’s a (gasp) Dude Blogger and he’s going to be providing some much-needed male perspective around here. This month, his topic is Mom Blogging. Is he a fan? Is he annoyed by it? Read on, friends, read on!

Let’s get one thing straight right off the bat. I love moms. I think they’re pretty great. In fact, I have one of my very own! Well, actually I share her with seven siblings, four in-laws, four grandchildren and my sometimes-childish father, but who’s counting? (Yeah, she’s kind of a big deal….)
As I have grown older, I have appreciated my mother, and mothers everywhere, more and more as I become aware of all the things that she has done for me, all the crap I put her through, and all the minutiae and tedium that mothers deal with on an hourly basis. Where have I discovered this new eye-opening perspective? MomBlogs, of course!
Why yes, I DO frequently trawl the internet for blogs about child-rearing, why do you ask? Ok, I don’t actually do that, but I read Lauren’s blog and my sister also has a successfulblog dedicated to wife/motherhood, cooking, and Catholicism (You’re welcome, Theresa). Through these two outlets, I have gained insight into a darker side of parenting that I didn’t even know existed.
Let’s tell it like it is, though. Is there anything more self-serving than a blog about motherhood? Now, I truly don’t mean this in a negative way, but honestly, to which demographic does this e-genre cater? I can only think of one…Welders don’t care about the merits of cloth vs. disposable diapers. Travel agents don’t worry about the easiest way to get a three-year-old to brush her teeth.
But isn’t that the beauty of blogs in the first place? You find that thing that’s important to you, that you have thoughts and opinions about, that you can share with other like-minded people, and you put it all on the internet for review, validation, or rebuttal. I know that’s what I do with my blog – have a thought, rant about it for a while, pretend that other people care about what I have to say, and hope somebody reads it and agrees.
I will say this, though: if there is one topic that transcends geography, profession, and economic status, it is parenthood. No matter what a person does for a living or where they are, there is always potential for a little bundle of joy to come and make them care about what brand of baby food is best, whether they wanted to or not. And when that time comes, where will they turn for all this insight that they never knew they needed? Ok, fine, they would go to their pediatrician, and then to Dr. Spock, but after that, they would turn to the matrio-blogsophere for conversation on the very things that have their head spinning at home.
And yes, I know there is much more to these blogs than debate on whether to lay an infant on his back or stomach. There is much more to these women than “just” taking care of their children. Regardless, the best part of any parenting blog isn’t the theories and philosophies of child-rearing. It isn’t the musings about life in general from the mothers. ItDEFINITELY isn’t all those recipes that I’m never going to use. It’s all the great stories about the hilarious little things that children do.
I am not a parent, so the best I can do is live vicariously through my nieces and nephew, and when I can’t see them, the MomBlogs can certainly provide a good chuckle, or a nice eye-roll, or even a “…sure am glad I don’t have to deal with THAT…”
…So keep writing for yourselves and for your fellow moms, ladies….and every once in a while curious passers-by like me will stop in for a quick read and a quick dose of perspective.

Anyone out there have a different opinion? Do you agree? Have any thoughts to add?