Whew. These past few weeks have been jam-packed with stuff going on. I’ve seriously got to get better at chronicling the adventures of the Bonk clan! I’d like to do some more frequent “Stuff and Things” posts, as well as some more “picture only” posts, but we’ll see, eh? Anyway, Summer has hit us head-on, and we’re doing our best to make the most of it. I’m so happy to be living in Omaha! There are family-friendly opportunities happening every single day here, and Charlie’s made some really awesome little friends. The bonus? Their moms are so cool that I end up looking forward to every playdate. We’re pretty lucky around here, I tell you what.

Holy Giant Babies, Batman.

Guys, Lucy is huge. She’s only got, like, .2 millimeters of hair, but she’s around 18 pounds at 6 months old, and is barrel-rolling over to the stuff that she wants. It’s so amazing to watch a second baby grow, knowing that they’re going to get just as big as the first one someday. Seriously, so crazy.

So . . . The Tree.

For those of you who don’t live in Omaha, last Monday a crazy-freak-land-hurricane Judo-chopped the city and knocked down a whole bunch of trees. One of those trees thought it would be cool to land on our house. Luckily, we weren’t home when it happened, because I honestly have no idea how I would have reacted. Well, I’m sure it would have been some form of crazy freaking out, but I’m not sure exactly how the reaction would have played out. Either way, I’m glad we weren’t here when it happened. As a result of falling limbs, our air conditioner was wiped out for about four days.

(In other news, I am apparently super-grumpy when I get too hot and uncomfortable. Who’d have thought?)

The A/C is back on now, but we’re not out of the woods yet. I think there is going to be some drywall removal upstairs, and it turns out that our roof is made out of asbestos, so that should be interesting. Good thing we rent, eh?

Don’t Come Running to Me When Those Things Blow Your Freaking Face Off

I hate the 4th of July and its preceding week. For the love of all things not exploding, I just despise it.

Family Pictchas!

The lovely Rutheah from Blue House Fotos took our family pictures a few years ago, and I just LOVED THEM. We met her in Lincoln for another round and, again, I LOVE THEM. Here’s one of my favorites, and head on over to her website to see all of the other gorgeous photos she’s taken.

Ah, to be a Little Boy on a Summer Night

We went to the coolest event this weekend. Paul’s favorite place in Omaha to play disc golf, Hummel Park, is home to a pretty rockin’ nature center. This last Saturday, they hosted a free Lightning Bug Party from 7:30 till dusk, and I am so very, very happy we went. The incredibly friendly staff helped kids with all sorts of awesome outdoor activities before the sun went down and the precious little fireflies came out. Charlie got to shoot a bow and arrow, go on a nature hike, make his very first-ever smore, and decorate a jar, all before frolicking about a little meadow with a bug net in hand. Watching that little boy in his overalls, with such light and determination in his eyes, just made me want to breathe in the green night air and suck in as much of his smile as I possibly could. I can’t believe how amazing it is to have a family.

This will definitely be an event we return to next year. We had so much fun, and the staff was kind and genuine. Also, right at the end of the night, after seeing that Charlie was having a hard time getting one last bug, a little girl ran up to us as we were leaving, just to give Charlie that last bug he was trying so hard to get. It was just so sweet. The perfect end to a wonderful evening.