Short one today. I need a little help from you guys again.

You see that cute kid over there? The one lazing about in his pajama pants watching tv? That’s a pretty good representation of how I’ve been feeling.

The past couple of weeks have been seriously lacking in motivation. I have (holy crap, thank goodness) developed plenty of motivation for blogging again, but I’ve lost it for all of the other stuff I was doing so well at. (I realize that a preposition is dangling at the end of that sentence. . . but I tried it the right way and I don’t like it as much. So there.)

Counting calories has become tedious for me, and since I’ve lost so much weight already, I’ve gotten complacent. By the time Charlie goes down for a nap in the afternoons, my motivation to exercise gets entirely thrown out the window.

For awhile there, I had all of these plans to get organized (I even went so far as to drive to Family Dollar and buy a bunch of plastic totes) and keep the house clean. Now there’s a pile of dishes in the sink that almost hits the ceiling.

I’ve been to all of the “clean your house in 15 minutes a day!” sites, and I know how to get organized…it’s just a matter of feeling like doing it.

Do any of you have some good motivational websites up your sleeves? I’m not even sure if I know what I’m asking for here… Some kind of site that isn’t syrupy-sweet and “dance like no one is watching”-stupid, but will make me want to GET THE EFF UP OFF OF MY BUTTand get stuff done?

Thanks, in advance, friends. I think the entire Bonk household will be appreciative of your input.