Guys. Guys guys guys guys guys I’M SO EXCITED!

A group of kick-ass ladies and I are going out for Karaoke on Friday night. This is becoming athing. And by thing I mean we’ve gone twice before and have added about 3 more ladies onto the roster.

I . . . I just . . . I just LOVEKARAOKE! And what’s even better is that we’re going to a Karaoke Bar . This isn’t a regular old bar that forces its regulars to sit through drunken singing one night a week. This is Karaoke that starts at 6 PM and goes all night long. This means that I can go, sing my lungs out, have a blast, and be home for bedtime. (I haven’t actually made it home for bedtime yet, but if I tried hard enough, I totally could be.) And if you’re there, you’re there for Karaoke. If you’re not there for Karaoke, my friend, you are in the wrong place.

Now, all childish excitement aside, I’ve had a realization. If you remember, I wrote a letter to my old friend Theatre awhile back. Theatre was my major in college and a big chunk of my life and I LOVED it. Now . . . not so much. It’s just not a priority anymore, and I was having a hard time wrapping my mind around the idea of not loving something I used to have such a blazing passion for.

And then it hit me: Without Theatre, there would be no Karaoke for me.

I know that sounds stupid. I know that I should be using Theatre for some higher purpose, like ending world hunger or something . . . but right now, my main focus is my family, my handful of clients, and my sanity. Enter Karaoke.

I feel comfortable on stage. Being in Theatre, obviously, helped me get that way. Feeling comfortable on stage is always an asset when singing catchy 80’s and 90’s tunes in front of people. Karaoke is providing me with some pretty essential things right now:

A girls’ night out.
An chance to be on stage without having to make a long-term time commitment.
A release of all the routine stress that accumulates after long periods of toddler-time.

What do these things mean? A less-stressed, happier mom/wife. Being with friends and singing my lungs out is one of my favorite things in the whole world right now, and I owe a lot of that to Theatre.

So, dear Theatre, thanks. I hope to do something more significant with you in the future, but right now I’m more than happy to be having fun with what you taught me.

Also, I’ve learned that my black and white stripey vest thing is fun to wear but not so flattering. Meh. I’ll totally wear it again.