Hey guys! I’ve got a couple ofAWESOME announcements! Yesterday, Crystal at Money Saving Mom featured a guest post from yours truly! You’ll have to check it out, leave a comment, and go buy yourself a dish of ice cream

Also…Do me a favor and look up. Well, I mean look towards the top of this post… Do you see those pretty little buttons? Now you can subscribe to my blog via RSS and check out my Twitter page! You should probably do both of those things, and follow my tweets while you’re at it.

Once you do those things, you should probably take yourself out for ice cream again. Or maybe frozen yogurt. Either way, you’ve got a kick-butt excuse to do so.

Have an awesome day!

(Photo Credit: http://bollywood-jannat.blogspot.com/2008/10/happy-animals-images-and-video.html)