Hi Friends!

I’m going to be on TV!

If you’re in the Tri-City NTVviewing area at 6:25 on Tuesday morning (and you’re actually awake), please tune in and catch me talking about my blog and reviewing some sweet beauty products for “moms on the go!” (Don’t roll your eyes . . . I’ve got some cool stuff.)

I think it’s ABC on channel 13 for most of you. . . I think. KHGI? Right? If I’m wrong about the channel, please leave a comment as it’s been awhile since I’ve watched anything other than the Food Network when I go to Kearney.

When you don’t have cable and you like food like I do, and someone hands you the remote . . . well, you can imagine.


If you aren’t in the area, the NTV people are going to get me a copy of the segment, and I’m pretty sure it’ll be in the online archives for a while. I’ll keep you guys updated, just in case you want to watch :).

Thanks! Have an awesome weekend, everybody!