Wow…Mother’s Day number two for me. It’s pretty crazy…only a few years ago, I was student teaching (and NOT enjoying myself, by the way), worrying about lesson plans and graduating. Sometimes I just can’t even believe that in the past couple of years I’ve gotten married, moved to Texas, had a baby, and moved back to Nebraska. Now, when I call my mom and tell her “Happy Mother’s Day,” she says it back to me.

That, folks, is weird.

This Mother’s Day has me reflecting on the past year of Mommyhood. Something I’ve realized is that on past Mom’s Days, I haven’t really had any idea what I was recognizing my mom for. Sure, I know she changed my diapers and gave me baths and listened to me scream…but after this year, all the things my mom has done for me have become much more real.

Time for a list, friends. Here are a few things your mom has probably done for you that you might not be aware of:

1. Your mother was most likely a very smelly person.
Now, please, don’t think I’m insulting your mom. What I’m saying here is that chances for bathing can sometimes become scarce. Sure, you could leave the baby in the play-pen…but sometimes you’d rather smell like feet than listen to 10 minutes worth of screaming.

2. Your mom probably got mistaken for a crazy lady.
When you’ve got a little person hanging around you all the time, you do a lot of talking. I personally narrate a lot of what I’m doing. “Mommy’s just going to get these eggs boiling…” And when you have those rare moments when you’re actually by yourself, let’s say in Target or the grocery store, it’s a little difficult to kick the habit. “Oooh, Cadbury eggs are 75% off! Mommy’s pretty excited about that!” I can’t tell you how many people have looked at me like I’m a lunatic.

3. Your dear mother may have developed the eating habits of a homeless person.
Because, let’s face it, the kitchen floor is mostly clean (it’s only been trampled by family feet, so that makes it okay), and we’re not too good to eat the pulled pork you just tossed onto the floor.

4. But most importantly, your mom loved the living crap out of you.
Because she did, and that’s all there is to it.

So the next time you see a Hallmark card spouting whimsical prose about how much your mom has done for you…you should probably still give it to her, but make sure you tell her how much you appreciate all her years of acting like a total weirdo.

By the way, Mom, I love you, and thanks for acting like a lunatic for me.