I’m writing in the dark right now because a moth has infiltrated our dining room and it’s annoying and I’m too short to do anything about it. Luckily the kitchen light is much more appealing than the light from my laptop.

Annnnyway, a whole bunch of life has been happening around here, and I’ve finally got the time to sit down and write about it.

This one’s pretty huge, you guys. Charlie started preschool. I was pretty adamant about not sending him to preschool until he turned 4, and I even felt a little weird about that. I mean, I never went to preschool, I stay at home with my kids, why on Earth would I want to send him out of the house to be with someone else when I could be the one with him allllllll the way up until Kindergarten? (That was the voice of Smug Lauren, by the way, who almost never knows what she’s talking about.)
One by one, Charlie’s friends started going to preschool, and the questions came in full force. “Where is my school, mommy? Who is my teacher, mom? Is that bus going to take me to my school?”
Come on. How do you say “no” to the little kid who wants to go to school?
It ended up working out that a spectacular little art-based (and wallet-friendly) preschool in our area had an opening, so we jumped at it. Charlie is THRILLED. He loves to go school and seems to be doing very well . . . and I’m suddenly left with 2 hours that contain good nap-possibility for Lucy, and therefore the possibility of ALONE TIME IN THE MIDDLE OF A WEEKDAY.

We did it. Princess AwesomeFace (name exaggerated for privacy) and I ran our first 5k. I say first because, God help us, we are going to try to stick with it, even if it only means running once a week because that’s the best we can do. It was fairly difficult, because neither of us have any distance-tracking technology, so we were doing the training program by time. We’re a little slow when it comes to this running thing, so the actual 5k was a bit longer than we were used to. The facts, however, are these: We signed up for a race. We went to the race. We crossed the finish line running. WE ARE THECHAMPIONS.

Halloweeeeeeen! This was Charlie’s first year trick-or-treating. He handed out candy to kids last year, but didn’t have a costume. I think that was mainly because Paul and I are terminally lazy, and Charlie only cared about handing out candy. This year, we decided to go to a few of the houses on our street, and, although it took him a few doors to get really confident with it, he seemed to thoroughly enjoy himself. Honestly, though, I still think he got a bigger kick out of waiting for all the trick-or-treaters to come to our door. We didn’t really have a costume for Lucy, but she had just gotten a cute little hand-me-down jacket with ears on it, so I put some marker on her nose and called her a baby polar bear. Also, I should mention that this Halloween was brought to you by hand-me-downs from Princess AwesomeFace, so thanks, friend. 🙂