There’s a little lady in our house who got a lot of attention on the blog about 9 months ago, and hasn’t really gotten her own blog post since.

She’s so cute you can’t even hardly take it. She weighs almost as much as some of my friends’ 2-year-old children, and she’s already crawling up a storm. She has started biting me on the shoulder and, let me tell you, that is one of the most horrible things ever. You know how they say “The ones you love always hurt you the most?” I’m pretty sure that quote was specifically regarding being bitten by your offspring.

Lucy is doing everything fast. I remember, with Charlie, life was pretty relaxed. We just played around on the carpet and watched Bones, and he was content to be a little worm on the floor for a good 10 or 11 months. Lucy’s been crawling since about 8 months, and way beyond pulling herself up. I caught her letting go of the table for a couple seconds and balancing on her feet the other morning. I am so not ready for that.

Miss Lucille is feisty. Like, feisty. In public, she gives off a very convincing, very chill vibe. When there’s plenty to distract her, she’ll just sit in the sling and look around, barely making a peep. At home, however, she has no problem making her feelings known. If she wants something, she will crawl to it. If you take it from her, you will pay. Probably by being bitten. Or at least by getting your eardrums screamed out. Also, she has learned how to morph herself into a steel beam already. You know, when you’re trying to put a small child into a carseat, and somehow they find a way to stiffen their entire body, making strapping them in nearly impossible? She’s nearing expert levels at this skill.

She’s also got the sweetest little grin, and a hilarious giggle. It’s the best when she first wakes up in the morning, all warm and fuzzy from sleeping. Her face is bright and her smile is almost as big as her cute, bald head.

Feisty and irresistible . . . this world better watch out.