I swear, I’m really not trying to drown you guys in sappy posts… but it’s the holiday season and sometimes these things just happen.

I’ll try not to make this too painful.

We’re coming up on the end of the semester, and anytime you’re in an end-of-semester situation, things can get a little stressful…especially around Thanksgiving. You know, you’ve got a decent-sized break coming up, and that’s exciting, but all it means is that you’ve got a pretty hellacious couple of weeks ahead of you before you’re truly free.

When I was in college, it meant that my body immediately started preparing for terrifying amounts of coffee from Perkins.

What does this mean for us as a family, though? It means it’s time to pony up, grit our teeth, and focus on the good stuff.

So, yeah, I’ve got one of those, “I’m thankful for this, this, and this” lists. Let me do that, and then you can go forth and gorge on turkey.

I’m thankful for a husband who will absorb a spontaneous burst of PMS-ridden emotion-explosion and still want to be within 50 feet of me.

I’m thankful for a son who will throw tennis balls at the TV, get a time-out, and then do the cutest darned little happy dance away from the Time Out Zone like nothing ever happened (after he gives me a kiss, of course.)

I’m thankful for my sister, who I don’t get to see very much. She’s smart as hell, and I’m telling you, there’s not anybody in the universe who I would trust with defending my honor more doggedly than Alli. If you’ve ever been on the wrong side of Alli defending someone’s honor, you’re probably still crying.

I’m thankful for my parents, who are pretty much the coolest couple you’ll ever run into. Nobody else mixes motorcycles, bees, new-age thought, and country living better than my mom and dad.

I’m thankful for my extended family. I’ve got spectacular cousins, aunts, and uncles…and Grandmas who are so awesome they’d probably win in a ninja fight.

I’m thankful for the family I’ve inherited through marrying Paul. If it weren’t for them, I’d still be terrified of Catholic church, Charlie wouldn’t have cute cloth diapers on his butt, and I wouldn’t know the joy of topping instant cappuccino with 7 pounds of Reddi-Whip.

I’m thankful for my friends. New and old, close and far away. These people are my sanity, and no matter how long it’s been since we talked, they still know how to make me laugh so hard I pee in my pants…just a little bit…but not enough that anyone will notice.

And, finally, I’m thankful for you guys. The people who read my blog. Without people reading my words and commenting on them, I’m pretty sure I would feel like a crazy person…well, more than I already do.

Okay, I’m done…that wasn’t so bad, was it?

I hope all of you have an awesome Thanksgiving, and I hope you all remember to well, be thankful.

I also hope you’ll all hide your desserts from me. You know those PMS-ridden emotion-explosions I was talking about? Those pumpkin pies don’t stand a chance.