Happy February!

I’ve got another totally awesome, totally borrowed from Play at Home Mom, totally inexpensive bath game:

Rave Bath.

. . . or you can call it “glow bath” if you want, too. . . that’s probably more age-appropriate.

Anyway, bathtime around here is usually (unless Charlie’s screaming his lungs out because we tried to play with his bath toys) a nice break. One of us can hang out and read to Charlie while the other one can wash dishes or pick up the living room. . .or look at Facebook or read a book. Lately, though, his baths have been getting shorter and less pleasant, so we decided to switch it up a bit.

Paul stopped at the dollar store and bought some glow bracelets for. . .well, a dollar. 15 came in a pack, and for the fun that Charlie has with them, I’d say they’re pretty worth it. If you’re looking for them at Wal-mart, I found some in the birthday party section.

There really isn’t much explaining needed here, so I’ll just get on with the pictures. . .they’re not the best quality, but you get the idea.

This was one of those times where I forgot to turn off the flash. . .but I thought it might be nice to actually see what’s going on in at least one of the pictures. Please note that the grout in our tub is stained. . .it’s not actually that dirty!

Charlie in apparent awe (if you can see it) of the glow.

Glowing Shampoo Lasso of Truth!

Glow-belts are all the rage this season.

What I like most about the glow bath is that if Charlie is having one of those, “I’MSCREAMING AND I’M NOT SURE WHY AND NO I DON’T HAVE A FEVER AND NO I’MNOT HUNGRY I’M JUST SOAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNGGGGGGGGRRRRRRYYYYYYY!” moments, shutting off the lights, throwing in some glow sticks, and hanging out in the bath tub can usually make it stop.

Now, go! Go forth and spread the Glow!

. . .and if you don’t have kids, or are wondering, “Why do I care about this?”. . .you could probably still have a glow bath, too. I don’t think anyone here will judge you.