All of the sudden, I feel like I’ve popped my head out of the sludgy water of a giant swamp. Not my whole head, mind you, just enough to get my nose out of the liquid. I feel like I can breathe. Like I can breathe and can finally see a way out of the swamp.

I have to be honest. The past three months have felt like I’ve been treading water in a pond of sludge. It’s hard for me to say that, because the sludge has been the most beautiful sludge I could ever hope to swim in.

Having two kids is hard . . . at least at first. I can’t speak for the future, as I haven’t been there yet. Now, there might be some people shaking their heads out there, thinking, “Child, please. Try having 8.” Well, it’s been hard for me, and that makes me feel guilty. I’m a woman, right? I should just naturally have the ability to nurture a growing three year old with my right hand, clean the house with my left hand, take care of the bills and shopping with my left toes, tend to my husband with my right toes, and do all of this while having an infant hanging from my chest, right? Right?

I don’t know, but that seems like a lot to deal with. And, yet, I know that there are ladies out there who do this with seeming ease and flair. Their houses are spotless, their kids can write out the alphabet in calligraphy, and they never get snappy with their spouses.

At least that’s what it looks like to me, anyway.

Finally, though, things are starting to look a little easier. I can see the end of this semester for Paul, and it’s getting closer. I know that means that finals week is coming, which is definitely not easier, but then it will be over for the summer. He still has a lot of work to do before graduating at the end of this year, so I know the summer won’t consist solely of family frolicking, but there will way more frolicking going on than there was this winter. I’m crazy-excited to get to spend more time with my handsome husband.

Again, I can’t speak for the future, but right now, my house is kind of clean. I woke up this morning (before everyone else) to a clean house and a coffee pot that I had set to brew at 6:00. I actually got to sit here and work on a blog post while drinking a cup of coffee. I consider that a huge win.

I’m not naïve enough to think that I’ve left this beautiful sludge forever. Life is like one of those little red and white fishing bobbers, right? You’ve got to bob down a few times to catch the good stuff . . . and I think this beautiful swamp is the only place in which I want to be bobbing.

Also, would life be just a little more awesome if it were appropriate to end sentences with prepositions?

Ah, well.