Blogging’s going to be light around here for the next couple of weeks, friends.

I got a nice side-job helping a friend do some editing, and it’s actually got a deadline. Since my work time is mostly limited to naptime, I figure that if I’m hanging out on the computer, it should probably be for that.

I figured this would be the perfect opportunity for a toddler activity.

This one was super fun, and all it took was some food coloring and a bathtub. CharlieLOVES to pour water. He’s been known to sit and pour a cupful of water from one container to another for almost 30 minutes, in fact. So, I thought it might be fun to add some color.

I actually didn’t get the idea from Play at Home Mom this time, but I didn’t want to check the site because I was too proud of myself to burst my own bubble.
Something that PAHM talks about is making a “play invitation.” This is where they set up the activity before the child has any idea what their plans are, and just let the kid discover it. I thought I’d try that this time, and Charlie’s reaction was pretty fun. He walked into the bathroom, saw the cups of water, pointed at them, looked at me, then said, “Ohhhh, no! Gulldigulldigull!” (This is a very common phrase for him. “Digull” sounds like “tickle,” and most of the time it means he’s happy 🙂 )

Anyway, enough talking. I highly recommend this one; it’s fun, and your kid will surely want you to keep refilling his containers with more colored water, so you can easily keep the bathwater warm!

Play invitation.

It was pretty cool, even for me, to watch the color disperse in the water.

A box of food-coloring isn’t too expensive, and I’ve been getting a lot of use out of the one we bought . . . which means I’ve got more pictures and activities coming sometime soon!

For those of you who couldn’t care less about kids’ activities . . . I promise I’ll be back with more adult-friendly content in a few weeks!