Dudes. I beg of you, please explain this to me. I don’t get it.

Why in the name of Gravy do you people want to sleep on the couch?

I’m not talking “random nap on the couch,” because those are generally great. I’m talking about bedtime on the couch. Not fully stretching out, not using a real bedtime pillow . . . sleeping on the couch. I just don’t get it.

This has been a recurring point of tension between Paul and me for a while now. I was just pretty sure that my husband had some weird couch-sleeping disorder that I was going to have to live with until the end of time . . . but every once in a while, Charlie proves to me that it’s either hereditary or something inherent to men.

This morning, I woke up to go running with my friend (didn’t go; I couldn’t find my other sports bra because I have to wear two and that’s just a dealbreaker for me), and about peed my pants at seeing Charlie sprawled out on the couch. He didn’t wake up and yell, “Mommy. Mommy! MOMMY!” . . . he got up, went to the couch, and fell back to sleep. I sat next to him, read my book for a while, then fell asleep myself. When we both woke up, I asked him why he had come out to sleep on the couch, fully expecting something about bad dreams or being cold. What he said was this:

“My bed was too comfy, Mom. So I came out to the couch.”


Is this a dude-thing? Is this a male Bonk thing?

I’m serious, guys, please enlighten me.