I’m happy! I’m excited! I’m satisfied!

Something new has started on The Curtain and Pen’s Facebook page, and it seems to actually be working out.

Ladies and gents, I’m here today to introduce The Curtain & Pen Online Bookclub.

Every month and a half or so, an eager group of people from all over will be convening on that crazy Internet thing to chat about a book.  The beauty of this is that it’s always at 10 pm, and it’s always online, so you don’t have to put on fancy clothes, and the only bottle of wine you have to bring is the one that’s already on your counter… and you don’t have to share it with anyone.

Here’s the breakdown:

Step 1: Genre

To kick off a round of bookclub, I’ll start by throwing out three genres. Everyone will get about two days to vote for their genre of choice.

Step 2: Titles

Next, unless there are suggestions from club members, I’ll pick out three different titles from the winning genre. Another two days will pass to allow for clubbers to vote.

Step 3: Date

After we’ve got our book nailed down, I’ll follow tradition and throw out three possible dates… and two days of voting will ensue.


Now everyone has about 45 days to read a book. That’s totally doable, right?

Step 5: Log in and wait for my signal

I’ll sit around my computer till 10 pm CST and post an initial welcome post. Next, I’ll ask a few questions in the comments. You can reply to those specific comments to start discussing. Just for an idea on time, the trial run lasted for about an hour, with five people participating, but I’m willing to type till I start falling asleep at my laptop.

The beauty of this book club is that you can still participate, even if the date/time doesn’t work for you. You can always hop on and add your thoughts the next day, because it’s just chillin’ out on Facebook, happy as a clam. In fact, you can hop over right now to get an idea of what it’s all about.

Go forth! Read! Seriously, please join us!

Even with only having a handful of people participating, we had a fantastic time. We got together with friends from all over to chat about something we’d been reading together, and didn’t even have to change out of our comfy pants or clean the house. That’s just plain living the dream, right?