I got a shot a few days ago. An injection. A big-ass, long-overdue, and totally good-for-the-soul shot of genuineness.

Genuineness is totally a word. I looked it up and didn’t get the red squiggly line.

I mentioned earlier that I’m getting some new pictures taken to help jazz up the site a little bit. Well, on Tuesday, I had a photo shoot. Being the subject of a solo-photo shoot is an…experience. Sure, I had senior pictures taken…but that was more of a “tilt your head, lean this way, think about cute, furry chinchillas” kind of thing. That was not what I wanted for this…I wanted something natural and beautiful. This, of course, means that when it was go-time, I felt anything but natural.

In fact, I felt like a complete idiot. A vain, vain, fumbling idiot…for about 5 minutes. Because that’s about how long it took for the Genuineness to take effect.

Okay, so what in the ‘H’ am I talking about?

My photographer. (Totally rocks.)

It’s impossible to be nervous when you’re around someone with such a genuine contentment and love for what they do. She laughed with me, exclaimed quietly when she saw a great angle or a rusty door-frame, and let me know when I was being too forced. That kind of honest approach is what I appreciated most. I’ve been following Rutheah’sphotography for a few years now, and have been enthralled the whole time with the natural honesty that I found in each picture. It was definitely a no-brainer when it came down to deciding on a photographer.

Ever since the shoot, my mind has been in over-drive. Rutheah inspired me. I love what I do, and I want to be as honest as possible about it. I want my passion to be so genuine that the people around me can’t help but feel the same about what they love.

So I’m adding another item to my List for Self-Improvement: Work on being more genuine. In business, in parenthood, marriage, friendships, everything. I think it’s something we can all work on. We need to start asking ourselves some tough questions about our careers, relationships, art, and projects. Why am I doing this? Do I really love it? How can I improve?

What are you guys focusing on right now? Do you feel like you’re genuinely putting yourself into it? How can you make your efforts more fruitful?

P.S. I’ll unleash all the photos when I’m ready to put up the new text. Soon, I promise 🙂