Here I am with another post sponsored by Omaha Performing Arts! If you’re sick of these, take heart in the fact that the season’s almost over, and if you’re not, then I will give you a high-five the next time I see you.

(Who am I kidding? I would probably high-five you no matter what.) Anyway…

Arlo Guthrie is playing in Omaha at the Holland Performing Arts Center in Kiewit Hall at 7:30 pm on Tuesday, April 28th, and I am really excited to see him play.

While, no, he hasn’t been someone I thought I’d see in concert, he’s definitely been a presence in my life for a very long time. My dad has always been a fan, and even named our dog, Arlo, after him. I can remember Thanksgiving car rides when NPR would play Guthrie’s famous “Alice’s Restaurant Massacree” more than once. All day, maybe? I don’t remember for sure. Although, at the time, I was listening to Ace of Base and TLC on my discman and thinking “Ugh why Dad why,” I now appreciate how much my dad tried to acquaint me with the classics.

That’s what’s so special about this performance in particular; it’s Arlo Guthrie’s “Alice’s Restaurant 50th Anniversary Tour.” He’ll be commemorating the anniversary by playing the song/monologue in its entirety, along with other songs from his library. The song itself is a monologue with a guitar backing that depicts a true story from Guthrie’s life, and was written as a protest of the Vietnam War.

I hope you guys will take advantage of this awesome chance to see a legend. I’ve gotten to see Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, and B.B. King in concert, and I have to say that seeing the people who used to stare back at me from the album covers in my dad’s collection is an incredibly feeling.

(You can purchase tickets online at Ticket Omaha.)

(Seriously, you should go.)