I’ve got a wallpaper problem.

There have been worse wallpaper problems, I assure you. Horrid borders, nesting comfortably beneath the ceiling…fluffy animals with pink bows around their necks…old 70’s damask that is just too ugly to even be considered retro-chic…

This problem is an ivy problem. Quietly covering the walls of our kitchen, the vine in the Autumn of its life, with a few red leaves mingled in with the green…forever dooming this room of food into a state of obvious renting.

Could we paint? Maybe. Would we have to return the walls to their original state? More than likely.

Is there a way to diffuse the ivy using super-crafty methods?

That’s what I’m asking you guys.

Here are a few pictures of our kitchen (please pardon the picture quality):

It’s a fabulous kitchen, especially for an apartment. There’s ample room for a table and chairs, plenty of counter space, and boatloads of storage…now if only I could get it to lookas fabulous as it feels, I would be a super-happy lady.

I know I’ve got some of the craftiest of the crafty out there. Please help me! Let your suggestions wash over me like a fashionable (yet easy-to-pull-off) tide.