My recent bout of introspection has had me thinking about blogging a lot.

One of the big questions that comes up is, “What has blogging brought to my life so far?” Initially, the answers were all along the lines of self improvement, expression, and preservation…and then I thought a little harder.

I’ve learned more this year about a couple of people that I’ve known for almost all of my life.

My blogging cousins.

When I was younger, I liked my cousins, Lacey and Meghann (my other cousins, too…they’re just not bloggers…as far as I know…) quite a bit. Did I know much about them? Not really. I knew that Lacey did MUCH better than me on her ACT, and that (at a certain point) she didn’t watch rated R movies…I also knew that we always had a lot of fun when we hung out with her and her sister, Jessie.
Meghann came into my life a little later, when her dad married my Aunt.
Let me say, I was NOT okay with him taking my aunt away from me.

Now, of course, I realize my uncle is totally cool.

Back then, though, the concept of a new uncle complete with new cousins was a little foreign to me… I knew Meghann liked The Little Mermaid and called my Grandpa “Papaw.” That was kind of it at the time.

Over the past year or so, however, I’ve been reading their blogs…and you’ll never believe it: They’re pretty awesome ladies. They’re also my friends. Not just cousin-friends…but friends. I’m not sure if we could say that about each other before.

I’ve learned that there’s more to Lacey than the sweet girl who read her Bible every night before bed. She’s a fiercely spiritual woman who makes it her daily duty to find joy in the most unlikely places. Lacey’s recently become a business owner and social media consultant, and is doing that while she chases around my cute little cousin-niece. She’s got a serious thing for ice cream and coffee, and it’s spectacular to watch her grow as a mom, woman, cook, steward, blogger, wife, (and on and on and on)…

I’ve learned that Meghann’s not just the far-away-in-Kentucky cousin with freckles and red hair. She’s a creative powerhouse who can cut your hair exactly like your favorite celebrity with one hand and design your Christmas cards or website with the other. I’ve been giddy to read the new chapter she’s opened in her life with her sweet little girl and brand new husband.

I’m hoping they’ve learned a lot more about me, as well.

I would love it if you’d check Lacey and Meghann’s (I’ve got links to their blogs up above in their names) blogs, if you’ve got the time. If you feel inspired, leave them some comments. We bloggers always appreciate comments. 🙂

As for you two, Lacey and Meghann, I hope my previous images of you didn’t offend you; they were simply the observations of a young woman, slowly realizing that people are so much more than what they seem. I’ve loved getting to know you both as women rather than simply cousins, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for us.