It’s been a hell of a week.

Paul started school on Monday, and the Bonk family has gotten a rude awakening from their togetherness-filled slumber. Paul and I both have come to some realizations, and they all involve hard work, actual effort, and whole lot of sucking-it-up.

Since my mind has been on overdrive, I’ve had a jumble of blogging ideas bouncing around my head all week. Considering the barren wasteland my brain has been lately, this is a good thing…I just haven’t been able to get myself to sit down and write.

This post will be short, and it will be sweet.

Instead of forcing these ideas into existence, I think it’s time to make a list. I’ve been a stressy, scatterbrained, emotional blender this week, and I need to remind myself of all the things I’ve got that are simply spectacular.

These are some facts about my life. These are things that are awesome:

-Fall is coming. Fall is coming. Fall is coming.
-Paul is going to back to school. It’s going to be tough for all of us, and we’re going to be better for it.
-My dad gave me his old coffee grinder. It’s pretty sweet.
-I’ve got big decorating plans, and I will stick to them.
-We’ve got a counter full of vegetables from family members’ gardens.
Doctor Who is on Netflix. It took me couple episodes, and now I can’t stop.
-Our apartment has been mostly clean for almost two weeks. This is huge.
-We’re going to get honey from my dad’s hives next week.
-I got a new CD in the mail, and I thoroughly enjoy it.
-Charlie has started to whisper, “What’s that!?”
-I’ve got an awesome group of friends who understand that time is scarce, and love me anyway.
-I’ve got Charlie and Paul, and there isn’t much that’s better than that.

And, finally:
Bones premiers this week with a two-hour episode. Holy bacon bits.

How are you guys doing? Do you need to make a list? Do it in the comments, and feel better about your day!