This last weekend was filled with old friends, dueling pianos, and even some time onstage. It, unfortunately, was not filled with blogging. Luckily, it’s Monday, and that means I’ve got a guest post for you!
This one is from Rutheah, a fellow blogger with a beautiful family and a kitchen you would skip three months of dessert for. I will warn you, it’s a mushy one…and I’m more than okay with that. One of the symptoms of Mommyhood is an abundance of love…and sometimes you’ve just got to let it all out.
Also, let me say that I’m not pregnant. Having more than one kid, however, is in our plans, and sometimes I wonder how I could possibly love another one as much as I love Charlie. Rutheah did a great job of clearing things up for me.
Also, she doesn’t believe in capitalization; it’s just her style. 🙂

being a mommy is great. you always have something to cuddle with, play with, love on and dress up. you get to take care of something that will love you unconditionally. that’s the best; babies don’t care if you put on make up or if your hair is a frizzy mess and your tummy pooches over your jeans when you sit down, they just love you for being their momma. and there’s nothing like the love connection you make with your first baby. everything is so new and exciting. you giggle over every little burp and fart and hush every whimper. we had a very detailed baby book with our first…we chronicled everything, his growth, his teeth, his firsts. the bond we had was and still is strong and true. it’s kind of magical.

then comes the second baby. 🙂 i was nervous that the love in my heart had already been consumed by my son, i didn’t know if i could possibly love another baby as much as i did him. i remember being so nervous about that when i was pregnant the second time. would we have the same strong and true bond? would she need me like i need her? will my heart nearly burst when i see her? of course i knew that i’d love my daughter regardless…but i was so nervous i used up all my motherly love on my son and that she would just get the leftovers. that was my biggest fear from the moment we found out we were having another baby.

then she was born. and oh, the love flowed. the love flowed deep and pure and strong. as soon as i held her to my chest and we looked into each other’s eyes, i was amazed that i could love both equally. it’s different, but the same. my heart was oozing with love. it wasn’t that i would have to split love between the two of them, or that my daughter would only get the leftovers. the love literally doubles and it overflows into a gooey, delicious love that you get lost inside of…until you fast forward to 7 months later and you get hit with a dose of reality. like when you find out you’re unexpectedly pregnant for a third time when your “new” baby is only 7 months old and your husband is about to deploy to iraq and you’re neck deep into a kitchen remodel. oh yes…that happened.

my set of worries is totally different now. but i know i can handle it. that deep and true love i’ve got in my heart can get me through anything. us mommas are resilient and strong. and i’m so thankful that i will soon have three little munchkins to love on. and we will once again, get lost inside our crazy love bubble.