Today is my Grandpa Anderberg’s birthday.

Right now, he’s probably chewing tobacco, swearing, and using a horse as a golf cart as he plays 9 holes in the sky.

I just thought today would be a good day to tell you guys about him.

Grandpa’s first name is Harlan, and he loved golf, cribbage, horses, and putting salt on anything he decided to put in his mouth. He also loved the living crap out of his family.

One time, Alli (my sister) and I decided to hide all of his cans of chew. We giggled quietly as we watched him move around the house, trying to keep his cool, and asking my Grandma if she knew where they were. After a little while, Alli and I realized that it didn’t look like Grandpa thought our little game was funny. In fact, the only time I’d seen him more pissed was when we (along with my cousins, Jessie and Lacey) managed to lock everyone (including us) out of their bathroom.

Finally, we retrieved the little cans from their hiding places and turned on our cutest, sweetest faces as we presented them to him.

Did Grandpa yell at us? Definitely not. Did he look serious when he told us not to do it again? Absolutely. In fact, I believe he took us outside to play Croquet after it was all over.
That’s what was so awesome about Grandpa; he was a big, tough, cowboy who could do just about anything…but we knew that under his hat and boots, he was just a big, fluffy, grandkid-loving bunny.

And we all miss him like crazy.

I’m not going to stretch this one out… I just thought the Blogosphere would be a better place having known a little bit about my Grandpa on his birthday.