A quick, little update, as I have quite the weekend ahead of me. When will I be able to sit down at a computer to blog again? Oh, gee, I don’t know, but the next time I do, it will be IN OUR NEWFLIPPING HOUSE!

That’s right, ladies and gents, we are moving back to the big city this weekend! As in, next week, since Paul is right smack-dab in the middle of school, I’m going to be crash-landing back into routine-ville. Or at least, into trying-to-get-into-a-routine-ville.

Now, when I say crash-landing, I don’t mean “Oh holy crap, we’re crash-landing and I’m the only one conscious on this plane and I DON’T KNOW HOW TO DRIVE THIS THING!” I domean “Good thing I look good today, because when I crash-land this thing, the news is going to be there, and I’m ready to flash them a smile so big it cracks their cameras.”

So, yeah, it’s not like I’m excited or anything.

In baby news . . . well, I’m pregnant. Now, I’m definitely NOT complaining, and knock on wood, but this has been a relatively uneventful pregnancy so far. And thank God for that, because not being in Omaha, close to my OB, I’m incredibly thankful that the most I’ve had to do is call with questions about antibiotics and leg cramps. I’m 23 weeks this week, so we’re a little over halfway there. My body hurrrrts, and I’m tired, but Peanut #2 is quite the kicker. It’s like I’ve got a little Kevin/Kevina Bacon dancing around, telling John Lithgow he just doesn’t care.

I mean, clearly, there’s no John Lithgow in my stomach . . . that would be . . . you know what? There’s no need to go any further with that one.

ANYWAY, I’m very excited, and a little nervous, because stress is inevitable. It’s the good kind of nervous, though, and nervous as a full family unit is always much better than nervous as a separated family unit.

And, Omaha friends? Who’s ready for some Karaoke!? Look at your calendars! We’ll discuss!