This is an old post that I wrote in 2012 after the Sandy Hook shootings. The website it was published on is no longer active, and I felt like it might be helpful to someone as we reel from all of the terrifying things that have happened in the past few weeks.  You’d...

What I Am Like Totally Loving Right Now

What I Am Like Totally Loving Right Now

So. Here we are. The ol’ blog that I’ve neglected for ALMOST THREE MONTHS. It’s like running into an old friend at the grocery store after moving back to a town you used to live in. You probably should have contacted each other once you moved back, but you didn’t....

Hey, dudes!

I'm Lauren. I like coffee. No, no... that's cliche. Let me start over. I'm Lauren. I like coffee. Yeah, it's going to have to stay like that. Want to chat about life or 90's Nickelodeon TV shows? Send me an email at lauren@curtainandpen.com.
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Just so we’re clear…

I am liable to talk about anything from British Sci-fi programming to big-time serious-face life decisions.  I use my experiences, books I’ve read in college, cheesy memes I see on the Facebooks, and a billion other things to inspire my posts… that being said, since I’m a slightly overreactive, sometimes hormonally driven human being, I may not, in fact, have any idea what I’m yammering about sometimes.  By stopping by and reading my words, you are basically signing a contract saying that my opinions and advice are not guarantees, and that you won’t sue me for some advice that didn’t actually pan out the way you had hoped.  Shake on it?